Study progress rules

Study time for completion of the university entrance exam is 3 years ( 9 terms) but can be longer.  A learner who aims to complete his studies in three years (9 terms) should complete approximately 69 credits during each school year.  The credits which should be completed each school year can be less than 69, should a learner wish to prolong his studies and complete them in longer time.  To be able to successfully complete each school year and start a new one the following year the criteria below must be fulfilled:

  1. The average score, which is the average of the final grade for each course of the school year, should be at least 5,0.
  2. The final grade for each course taken should not be lower than 5,0.
  3. At least 40 credits should have been completed during the school year and at least 10 credits/term.
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