Courses in Physics at MS

EÐLI2AF05(ms) - Mechanics

An introduction into speed, acceleration and movement along a straight line, an introduction of the concept of mechanics and Newton's laws, vectors practiced, an introduction of the concepts of power and process, energy transformation and conservation of energy, and introduction of pressure and Archimedes's law, and introduction of the first law of thermodynamics, the concept of thermodynamics and heat exchange practiced and also the theory pf gas equation is introduced to students.

Prerequisite: STÆR2HV05(ms).

EÐLI2EM05(ms) - The physics of man

An introduction of air- and watermass in motion and near air wings, the conservation of energy, human energy need, various transport of heat, the wave theory, the mechanics of angular displacement and the atomic nuclei.

Prerequisite: EÐLI2AF05(ms).

EÐLI2RB05(ms) - Theory of electricity and waves

An introduction of electric charge, electric ower, electric field, voltage, current, resistance, wattage, the structure of electrical circuits, the movement of waves and their nature. 

Prerequisite: EÐLI2AF05(ms).

EÐLI3HK05(ms) - Dynamics and mechanics

An introduction of movement in two dimensions, the concept of momentum and thrust, time derivative of position and speed, the nature of circular movement and simple oscillation, Newton's law of gravity and static balance and torque.

Prerequisite: EÐLI2RB05(ms).

EÐLI3NE05(ms) - Modern physics

An introduction of the nature of magnetic fields and electrical beams, the role of a spectrometer, Faraday's law, oscillating current and active  voltage, capacitors, photoelectric effect and Einstein‘s theory of photons, various atomic models, Bohr's theory and the main aspects of Einstein‘s Theory of Special Relativity.

Prerequisite: EÐLI3HK05(ms).

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