JARÐ2AJ05(ms) - The geology of Iceland, a base course in geosciences

The course is a base course in the line module in natural sciences and deals with the origin of the universe, plate movements, adiabatic and exogenetic forces especially in the geology of Iceland.

JARÐ3NV05(ms) - Natural disasters and natural hazard

Natural disasters, the cause of them, consequences and the natural hazard that result from them for people is studied. Studied are various kinds of natural disasters and examples taken from history and their effect on the environment and human society is looked at. Students work with concepts from environmental studies and use knowledge and discussions to connect with their micro-society. Along with this, students are trained in the study methods used in the teaching of this subject. Students work independently and together in groups where emphasis is placed on the student's responsibility for his/her own learning progress and the formation of a stand towards environmental issues.

Prerequisite: JARÐ2AJ05(ms).

Síðast uppfært: 14.01.2019