Fashion design

Courses in Clothes design in MS

FATA1HS05(ms) - Clothes design and dressmaking

In the course students learn the technical basics of clothes making and clothes design. Emphasis is placed on gathering ideas, thematic posters, sketching, model drawing as well as flat work drawings. That students understand the work proces from an idea to a finish garment and adopt good work ethics. Students learn how to take body measures and read from size charts. Learn to use basic cuts and make simple cut adjustments based on their own ideas and to recognise cut sections. Students learn to sew a few simple garments, are taught to place cuts in the right manner along a threading line, mark for stitches and calculate the need for material. Students learn how to thread a sewing machine and the usage of sewing machines. Students learn how to make a sketchbook and submit it at the end of term with all sketches, drawings, sewing proofs and photographs of the sewn garments.

FATA2FF05(ms) - Clothes making and clothes design

The course is a logical contiuation of FAT 1 where students learn a deeper techinque in clothes making and clothes design. Emphasis is placed on the gathering of ideas, thematic placards, sketch work and fashion drawings with shading. Learn to work with more complex cuts, cuts sections and the sewing of cuts.  Learn to sew collars, pockets, zippers and button holes. Students also learn several techniques in textile decorations in printing on materai, ironing material together, drawing on material and decorating with the sewing machine. Emphasis is placed on recycling. Fix and change old clothes into something new. Students sew 2-3 garments during the term.

Prerequisite: FATA1HS05(ms).

FATA3FF05(ms)- Clothes making and clothes design

In the course students learn more technique and depth in clothes making and clothes design. Emphasis in the course is placed on training students in more cut making and sewing in developing skills in acting out their ideas and encouraging independent work ethics. Students make experiments with textiles, hitching, pleating material, printing and making samples to develop even further their ideas in clothes design and sewing. Students design an overcoat as their final project. Students make a process portfolio and go on a fieldtrip.

Prerequisite: FATA2FF05(ms).

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