HAGF1ÞR05(ms) - Introduction to economics

The course is a base course in economics. The basic concepts of micro- and macroeconomics are studied. Students gain an insight into the running of a company on the one hand, and the economics circulation on the other. The difference between the goals in running a private company and a public institution. The main aspects regarding companies' infrastructure and their external conditions. Emphasis is placed on the student adopting critical thinking and independent work methods.

HAGF2RB05(ms) - Microeconomics and accounting

In this course the students continue their studies in microeconomics as well as learn the basics of accounting. Material studied is the return and financing of companies, the making of business plans, the interaction between income and cost with the assistance of cost-volume-profit analysis and cost calculations. In the accounting section of the course emphasis is placed on the importance of accounting in the running of a company and the students' ability in taking care of general entries in a day-book and having an understanding of financial statements, being able to present a balance-sheet and an income statement. Emphasis is placed on the student adopting critical thinking and independent work methods.

Prerequisite: HAGF1ÞR05(ms).

HAGF2ÞF05(ms) - Macroeconomics and financial literacy

The course is a continuation in macroeconomics where emphasis is placed on connecting the study material to students' own expenditure, such as savings, consumption, borrowing, etc. The main problems in the economy such as inflation, unemployment, trade deficit, external and domestic debt accumulation are studied. The main trends in economic governance are studied and economic discussions in the media are observed. Emphasis is placed on the student adopting critical thinking and independent work methods.

Prerequisite: HAGF1ÞR05(ms).

HAGF3RM05(ms) - Microeconomics and marketing

The course is a continuation in microeconomics where concepts of cost, cost-volume-profit analysis and planning are studied closer with preparation for the entrepreneurial education in mind. The basic concepts and issues of marketing are studied and an emphasis is placed on increasing students' understanding of the value of marketing for consumers, companies and society as a whole. The sales advice and its collective choice in relation to marketing are studied. Gone over are the main aspects regarding company environment, market segmentation and buying behaviour and sought after is that students adopt a marketing like thinking. Students learn about work methods of marketing, finances and project management by doing real-life projects. Emphasis is placed on students learning the importance of efficiency in production and the running of a company along with presenting their findings clearly. Great emphasis is placed on critical thinking and independent work.

Prerequisite: HAGF2RB05(ms).

HAGF3FY05(ms) - entrepreneurship education

The course includes students forming a group and launching their own company and running it. The students' work inhabits being in charge of every aspect of running a company but theyr have very free reign over the company's subjects. By running the companies, students use the knowledge, skills and competence they have learned in other courses such as accounting, economics, and mathematics. Great emphasis is placed on students' independent work and their responsibility for their own learning.

Prerequisite: HAGF3RM05(ms).

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