EFNA2LM05(ms) - Chemistry base course

In this first course in chemistry students work with concepts and ideas in the basics of chemistry. Along with this, students are trained in the study methods used in the teaching of this subject. Students work together in groups and emphasis is placed on the student's independence and responsibility for his/her own learning process.

EFNA2EO05(ms) - Chemistry- chemical reaction and energy

In this continuation course the basics of chemstry are continued as well as the building on former knowledge. The subject matter that is dealt with in the course is: The concept of energy in general and in connection with chemical reaction, schematic presentation of chemical bonds, Lewis structures, the speed of chemical reaction and law of acceleration, bonds within and between molecules, and the general gas law.

Prerequisite: EFNA2LM05(ms).

EFNA3EJ05(ms) - chemical equilibrium and energy

In this continuation course the basics of chemistry are continued as well as the building on former knowledge. Subject material dealt with are: The chemistry of gasses, equilibrium in chemical reaction, acid and base, buffer solution, titration, solubility product constants, energy in chemical reaction, oxidation, and reduction.

Prerequisite: EFNA2EO05(ms).

EFNA3LR05(ms) - Biological Chemistry

In this course the basics of biological chemistry are worked with, such as the nomenclature of biological chemicals, the shape of molecules and bonds, chemical reaction, chirality of molecules, proteins - sucrose - lipid - DNA.

Prerequisite: EFNA3EJ05(ms).

EFNA3LÍ05(ms) - Biochemistry

The nature, characteristics and chemical reaction of the main building material and energy of organisms is dealt with. Sucrose, their nature and bonds are extensively covered. Sucrose tests are made and the amount of glucose in blood samples studied. Lipid is studied, its categorisaton, function and major characteristics. The chemical reaction of lipid is studied. Peptide and protein are carefully studied, the structure and categorisation. Enzymes are studied, their activity and their function in chemical reaction. Also studied is the chemical reaction of these same materials in the cells of the body where the processes of fission and synthesis are described at the molecular level.

Prerequisite: EFNA3LR05(ms).

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