LEIR1LM05(ms) - Ceramics - base course

The course is a base course in ceramics. Students learn the basic techniques in the handling of clay and forming utilities, low reliefs, and 3D work using various techniques.  They learn about the different melting and fusion points of various types of clay and glaze, clay glue and the right methods in drying and finishing. Students finish the items:smooth, colour with oxides and glaze.

LEIR2LÞ05(ms) - Ceramics and 3D work

The course is a continuation course in ceramics and 3D work from various material. Work on utilities and ceramic sculpture is continued. Emphasis is placed on professional finish, such as foundation, handles and lids where applicable. Experiments in the mixing of glaze are performed as well as experiments with other things, such as using glass, sand etc. in finishing. We create work from plaster as well a making casts to use in the making of ceramics. We make sculptures from paper mache and other material, recycling. Sketch work in an art gallery and/or at an open-ar art piece.

Prerequisite: LEIR1LM05(ms).

LEIR3LÞ05(ms) - Ceramics and 3D work

The course is a continuation in ceramics 3D work from various material. Clay and various other material is worked with, emphasis is placed on variety, recycling and sustainability. Students mix together used and new, design utilities and replicate by creating their own plaster cast. They create a 3D piece from material of their own choice. Students execute their own pattern making and decorations and create their own glaze samples. Students register and sketch their ideas into a idea portfolio which can e.g.  be used in application to studies at university level.

Prerequisite: LEIR2LÞ05(ms).

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