Fine arts

The structure of courses at MS

MYND1MG05(ms) - Fine arts base course

In this course students learn the technical basics and main work methods related to fine arts, such as form theory, colour theory, ration, perspective, composition, drawing, and painting. Emphasis is placed on training the students' skills and technical knowledge to get their ideas across. Students start by making a portfolio and use it throughout the course to jot down ideas for pieces as well as to train themselves in drawing a subject matter in the environment. Emphasis is placed on a connection to art in the country by visiting art galleries both by themselves and in a group with guidance. We will also visit artists' studios. Students prepare a presentation on an Icelandic artist and give for their fellow students.

MYND2MD05(ms) - Composition

In this course students continue working in drawing, modelling and painting. Studied are naked model, different poses, duration and methods. Emphasis is placed on developing students' capability in making use of technical knowledge in putting their ideas into action. Experiments done with various kinds/methods of painting, such as water colours, acrylic colours, oil paints. Students workn on their portfolio and use it to develop their ideas further towards finished pieces through experiments and sketches. Emphasis is placed on connection to art and art history and an art piece is done in relation to movements in art. Students participate in identifying the artists they know about and prepare a presentation of a foreign artist (pair work) and present to their fellow students.

Prerequisite: MYND1MG05(ms).

MYND3MD05(ms) - Final project, exhibition

In this course students do further work on developing their skills in drawing and the medium they choose to develop their skills in. Students work on a final project where they utilise their knowledge from previous courses and work towards presenting and exhibiting the final outcome. Think about the whole process, from idea, sketchwork and preparation to the final product. Show ambition in tackling more complex projects and show independence in their procedure. Create a presentation about the idea behind the piece and creation. The makings of a portfolio for continuing art studies if wanted. Emphasis is placed on a connection to art life, visits to museums (to e.g. sketch). The student is active in art life, goes to open houses at the Icland University of the Arts, exhibitions and such.

Prerequisite: MYND2MD05 (ms).

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